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Look no further! We're top animation specialists dedicated to helping businesses effectively convey their message, products, and business through spectacular animations. Our team are experts at taking your products and ideas to the next level and bringing them to life, using effective visual technology.

We combine Photorealistic product rendering with feature-film quality to create effective content that increases engagement and builds excitement across media channels.
And the best part?
You risk nothing, as we charge for our services only after the work is done!


Boost your popularity and recognition among new and existing customers. Establish a professional company image, explain the principles of products and services, and present them in a manner that surpasses the competition.

Capture your customer attention with visually stunning animations. Guide them towards a confident purchasing decision and elevate engagement simplifying complex information about your service or product through animation.

What We Do

We produce 3D animations, product animations and explainer videos at the highest level, which will revolutionize your company's image, ensuring your services and products gain unparalleled popularity and recognition in the market.

Your satisfaction with the animations we create is our topmost priority. We are dedicated to delivering a project that not only differentiates you from the competition but also captivates the hearts and minds of potential customers.

Our Team

Backed by exceptional qualifications, we invest genuine passion and dedication into each project. Our mission is to elevate your project to unparalleled heights, ensuring it reaches its peak potential.

Navigate the animation production process effortlessly with our dedicated support, covering all aspects from A to Z.

Collaborating with INFINITIART

You will receive high-class specialists in the field of 3D animation.



All you have to do is share your idea, product or service and we’ll take care
of everything else!


Martin Shapiro


Peter Deryng


David Kasacky


Louis Burdon

Project Manager

The story of INFINITI
, like most good stories, began with a dream, shared by a talented group of people.
What started as a passion for computer graphics at the school bench turned into an obsession to create amazing products for ambitious companies. Having always been interested in visual technology, we took our curiosity and passion and we decided on ​​creating our own company. Over the years we've grown both as a team and as individuals, taking on more and more complex projects.
In 2016 several team members moved to the UK knowing that a successful international business needed skills in both language and culture. From then on we've turned our focus to working for international clients to help them reach the next level, creating effective content to increase engagement and build excitement across media channels.

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